I have always been an artist, and among the artists whose art I enjoy is Van Gogh. I can relate to Van Gogh because of his craziness. The picture below was done over twenty years ago when I was good looking and had a flat belly. Where did I go wrong?
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Above is another version of the well-known painting American Gothic by Grant Wood. I sent this particular version to friends and relatives along with the Christmas card of '05.

The original is meant to show a farmer and his daughter during the depression era. Grant Wood used his sister and the family dentist for models. The lady shown here is my wife. I don't have a pitchfork, so I used the cat. For more information on the classic original, do a Google search of American Gothic.
More about me and what I can do for you...

I have been in the business of publishing, printing and graphics since the early seventies. My work experience with various publishing and printing firms has involved the design and construction of newsletters, ads, logos and more. In addition I have enjoyed freelance work over the years. Contact me for your graphic design and publication needs.

English is one of my best subjects. Working with the printed word in the publishing business has fine-tuned my writing, editing and proofreading skills. I am meticulous about proper syntax, grammar, punctuation and spelling. I enjoy working with a client to produce a newsletter, print ad or brochure that carries the desired message intelligently and professionally, with style and grace... I like helping you look good in print. Contact me for your editorial needs.

My artwork in general and digital imaging in particular reflects the meticulous, highly detailed style that I can get in the computer with a ton of pixels and millions of colors. I like to work with the client to determine the message that he or she wishes to convey and then build that message into the perfect form that together we have visualized... combining fantasy and reality. Contact me for your digital imaging and photo manipulation needs.

I work to communicate with the client and achieve a rapport as we determine the need, the goal, and the solution. I am always available to the client throughout the process. I am not happy until the client is happy, and I am most pleased when I can exceed the client's expectations.
Nearly all of my education has been a hands-on process through Just-Do-It University, supplemented by classes at various colleges. I am inspired by Tony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within, who earns $60,000 a day conducting corporate seminars. Robbins is a high school graduate who credits his success to "internal commitment, not external credentials." This is the standard that drives me.
Please browse through my work on this site. If you like my style, send me an email.
Jay Dismas/jay@artfulimage.com
Santa Maria, CA